Is that the sound of a drone zeroing in on my location?

I have said it before and I feel compelled to say it again. We libertarians need to be careful about referring to our natural rights as constitutional freedoms, as if the constitution grants us any rights at all. This is a very dangerous game. As libertarians we should be recognizing the constitution for what it was, the biggest power grab a weak federal government could make at the time. We should understand that every government excess and every abridgment of liberty has been sanctioned by that very constitution that so many revere. The Declaration of Independence is my manifesto. That we are all, as human beings, equally endowed by our Creator, or nature if you prefer, with certain unalienable rights; and that government’s only purpose is to secure those rights is self evident. Because our federal government has been usurping rather than securing those rights since 1789, when the Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation, is likewise self evident. It is our sacred duty to alter or abolish our federal government and replace it with one that will be properly limited to its role of securing our natural rights. We have been long suffering. I think it can be rather said that we have been complacent where we should have been eternally vigilant. But just because generations before us have failed to act, just because the task before us seems impossibly difficult, is that an excuse for us to shirk our duty?

  1. gravityrat answered: Our constitution wasn’t perfect but the most limiting conceived read what the founding fathers said about it. They knew it wasn’t perfect
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